About Us

Varsity Donuts has been servin’ up fat n’ fluffy donuts, in what was once the historic Palace Drug Store, since 2011. The hand-laid mosaic tile floor and cozy wooden booths will transport you to the shop’s beloved past. Back to the days of wise-guy high schoolers trying to impress their dates, brightly colored poodle skirts, and dancing to the jukebox with a milkshake in hand. Now, we’re making thousands of donuts each week, including our classics- Maple Bacon Bars, the K–Stater, and our Party Girl every single day and serving up Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese from the Varsity Truck out back until the wee-hours. Like we always say, Donuts Make People Happy.

Our Hometown Hero has brought so much joy and light to this little shop of ours. Featured in the HBO Max hit series “Somebody Somewhere” and mentioned on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel.

In February 2023, Manhattan Brewing Company created the Varsity MBD Stout, a dark, sweet beer made with one of Varsity’s most iconic treats, the Maple Bacon Bar.

Naismith Coach of The Year award-winning Kansas State Basketball coach, Jerome Tang,  enjoying a Varsity Donut to celebrate a big win. We love ya, coach!